Stress management is a top priority. Much has been said and written about the general topic of stress. Most of the material has been very theoretical. "How to Harness Stress" has been specifically designed to provide practical and immediately useful ways of putting stress to work for the participants. In today's society, stress cannot be eliminated, but it can be controlled and harnessed. We can defuse stressfull situations and lessen personnel conflicts.

This program will provide to the participants a number of ways to not only harness stress, but to put the stress reaction to use in the achievement of their personal or organizational goals.

Personnel of all levels, but especially the mid-level manager who must cope with stress originating from both above and below.

Upon course completion, the participants will be in a better position to recognize the causes of stress. Once they understand what is truly bothering them, they will be able to use the tools presented in this course to harness the energy they would have previously spent on worry and frustration. They will be able to:

  • Identify Personal Sources of Stress
  • Recognize Stress in Co-Workers
  • Isolate Causes of Stress
  • Organize Against Stress
  • Defuse Stressful Situations
  • Act Rather than React to Situations
  • Harness the Adrenaline Caused by Stress to Increase Productivity
  • Reduce the Number and Severity of Personnel Conflicts

Topics will be presented by short talks, group discussions, practical workshops, and selected films (as applicable).


  • Stress and Its Causes
  • Anatomical Effects of Stress
  • Finding Hidden Aggravations
  • Rethinking/Restructuring Life
  • Diet and Exercise Do Matter
  • Relaxing techniques
  • Relieving Stress in Others
  • Identify team stress
  • Using stress to achieve success
  • Reducing personal conflicts

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